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Camp to College

Just Imagine agrees with the NBC News article: "Going to Sleepaway Camp As A Kid Might Prepare You Better For College". At camp, children are forced out of their comfort zones as they:


  • spend time in an unfamiliar setting away from home

  • learn to live in close proximity to a new group of people

  • try new activities and receive specialized sports instruction

  • gain a sense of independence in doing things for themselves.

In response to the needs of our students when they entered high school, Just Imagine added ACT preparation, community service, workshops, and college tours to its program.

Thanks to a grant from Hands on Tzedakah, in March of 2016 Just Imagine took it's first group of  high school students on a college trip to Atlanta. The trip included visits to: Clark-Atlanta University, Morehouse College, Spelman College, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Emory University. Since that time, JI has visited more than 35 colleges and universities. Since 2016, Just Imagine has organized College Tours to Atlanta, New Orleans, Raleigh, and Boston.


To read about the College tour experience from a parent chaperon's perspective please click here

"Going to Atlanta, Georgia, was a very satisfying experience for me personally. The school that stuck out to me the most was Morehouse because I felt positive energy and good vibes while being on that campus. Hearing "Morehouse men" made it more inviting and warming. That title made it seem as if every man that attends there becomes great and leaves better than when they came in. The campus made it seem as if I found a second home. I saw many young black men and women who looked like they were on a mission aiming for success running on fuel made up of ambition and dedication."


Jeffrey, 11th grade

"After visiting Clark-Atlanta University, Spelman, Emory, and Georgia Tech, I am no longer ignorant about the HBCU's in Atlanta, Georgia. The first college we visited was Clark Atlanta, which was probably my favorite. We had very informative tour guides, it was a beautiful campus, and it was a heart-warming environment. It was very informative (the tour as a whole). I learned more about the application process, and the importance of your junior year in high school. 


Farima, 9th grade

2019 marked the first graduating class of Just Imagine Scholars with a 100% High School Graduation Rate. 


Come fall, our scholars will be attending: 

Georgia Tech

Temple University

Goucher College

Clarion University

The College of New Jersey

University of Maryland

American University

Xavier University- Louisiana

Lebanon Valley College


Other noteworthy accomplishments of JI scholars include: 

High School Class Valedictorian 

Gates Scholarship Recipient

Full Merit Based Scholarship Recipient

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