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Summer Camp

Since its creation in 2011, Just Imagine has sent over 300 children to camps all across the United States as well as Internationally. 


At camp, children make friends with people of all different backgrounds, build trust in themselves and cultivate communication and social skills. The structure of summer camp engages a child's whole self, and encourages them to try new things, overcome their fears and develop other valuable skills such as creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and self confidence.

At its core, Just Imagine believes that children grow and develop in ways that are uniquely nurtured by the camp experience, and thus the program's goal is to extend this experience to as many DC children as possible.

"In all my summers that I have had, I have been stuck in my house doing nothing. Yeah, once in a while I got to play with friends and go out, but that only lasted for a day, which seemed to me just a little bit of time. But Just Imagine came along and changed that. You made me have a great time in two weeks, you helped me make so many new memories and new friends, those 2 weeks were longer than I expected, so that was amazing.  Thank you again for making my summer be full of fun and new friends."


Genesis, 7th grade Camp Rim Rock & 

Camp Twin Creeks

Summer Camp.jpg

"Camp allows kids to be free.  Growing up in the city, kids have to be aware of who they are and what's going on around them. Camp allows them to let go of inhibitions and be who they truly are." 

Meron Benn

Camp Danbee, and French Woods Sports and Arts Parent

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